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I’ve devised a simple formula so YOU can easily transform a baseball cap into an intriguing conversation starter, a Climate Change EmergencyCap. Worn backwards and painted with an Orange-Red background color, it symbolizes a firefighter’s helmet for acknowledging our current emergency to put out the fire of global warming. Create one as an individual, but it’s more fun done with others. How about an intergenerational family project? It also helps reduce climate anxiety by feeling empowered from taking a “first-step climate action”!

diagram for my “maker” process formula

“What a great project! It certainly would help kids, and actually people of all ages, to learn some new things about climate change and bring it up in a conversation among classmates, families, and other places where kids would like to show off their climate change caps.” ~ Susan Rosano, Master Teaching Artist & National Arts Strategies’ Creative Communities Fellow

The videos provide Tips & Tricks I’ve learned, and suggestions for making more of a social impact by publicly wearing your Cap with family and friends (or school class or group) in a parade down Main Street next Earth Day, or help start an annual Climate Week in your town!

TWO IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (click each to download the pdfs):

* Equipment & Materials/Supplies, AND* Climate Change Issues URLs

***WARNING! Do not let children use Saran Wrap!!! [as shown in my video]

SHARE PHOTOS of YOUR Climate Change EmergencyCap! [via info below]

Send one-image each of the front/back/sides +your name & date to: We’ll be sharing a selection via a future public climate hats gallery page/or blog postings. AND… please share your images + my video info with your friends, families, teachers, and colleagues, with an acknowledgement of THANKS!