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Co-create cultural projects that help mitigate climate anxiety and empower individual and community resilience.

Climate Change ThinkingCap (c)2019 Cynthia Pannucci

Reading about four of the devastating impacts of climate change, made me want to know HOW and WHY climate change is happening. My work centers feelings along-side science info and data.

Fishes Feed Us (c)2007 directed and co-produced by Cynthia Pannucci; performance took place on the United Nations Plaza, NYC for World Environment Day.

Today’s youth have the most to lose and can be the most effective in motivating others — friends, parents and grandparents to make sustainable, zero-carbon decisions today.

We need an “All-In” cultural attitude and actions. Museum projects and informal Pop-Ups can provide non-intimidating ways to attract the public while surprising them with climate change concepts and thought-provoking conversation-starters.

A solar cell, strobe light system, and a marine battery enabled it to blink off/on like a lightning bug at night.

Water-Strider (above) (c)1994-96 by Cynthia Pannucci — proves how personal vision is a powerful motivator, taking two-years to learn/ design/ make this floating sculpture with no financial reward. “Student-centered, project-based learning” promotes research, focus, experimentation, and perseverance among other resilience skills.

Artificial Reality: Life Raft for Polar Bears (c)2008 by Cynthia Pannucci is a small mixed-media sculpture

Kids love animals, and their empathy from learning about species extinction can seed dreams of fantasy solutions to save them. Imagination is not frivolous! It can pull us forward by envisioning a future where all species (including humans) can support planetary health by ingeniously and equitably making it happen.

Climate Change EmergencyCap: Hard Decisions (c)2021 by Cynthia Pannucci

Transform a baseball cap into a Climate Change EmergencyCap. See my FREE, “How-To” Workshop Video. The process of making a Climate Change EmergencyCap can be a fun, first-step climate action, helping reduce your eco-anxiety and increasing your capacity to take personally-meaningful climate actions. It could also be used at corporate and NGO retreats to help build group cohesion and resilience!

My current design strategies for public engagement projects are guided by my formal art training, experiences as an award-winning “maker,” and 30-years as a seminal leader of the global art-sci field. (see “ABOUT” & “DESIGNS” in site-menu)

I learn about the important discoveries, inventions, and actions people are taking today in response to climate change because it is a huge source of hope! AND… You can also learn what you can do. (see “SOLUTIONS” in site-menu)

Might intergenerational projects be the fastest and most efficient way to drive climate action now? Would love to hear your thoughts.