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Designing maker projects that spark a curiosity for understanding climate change and empower individual and collective action.

Climate Change ThinkingCap (2019) click to see all four sides. Researching and making it was a fun way to learn.

Reading online news articles about the devastating impacts of climate change, made me want to know HOW and WHY it is happening.

Fishes Feed Us (see details of the performance on the United Nations Plaza, NYC for World Environment Day)

Today’s youth have the most to lose and can be effective “influencers” in motivating parents to make sustainable, zero-carbon decisions. They gain knowledge and confidence by participating in group after-school projects like this one.

Tortugas Verdes was a group coloring project in The Galápagos that made green marine turtles relatable in order to inspire protecting them from ocean plastics.

We need non-intimidating creative activities for sharing climate change and ecological concepts.

Water-Strider aquatic sculpture (click for maker images)

This was an example of how project-based learning can motivate research, critical thinking, focus, skill-building, experimentation, and perseverance among other resilience skills.

Artificial Reality: Life Raft for Polar Bears (a small mixed-media sculpture; see detail images)

Kids love animals and their empathy, from learning about species extinction, could seed dreams of fantasy solutions to save them. Imagination is not frivolous… it’s the mother-of-invention 🙂

Climate Change EmergencyCap (c)2019 Cynthia Pannucci

My FREE, “How-To” Workshop Video can be a fun, first-step climate action to reduce climate-anxiety, for teacher-training, or at corporate and NGO “visioning” retreats to build group ideation, cohesion and resilience!

I learn about discoveries, inventions, and actions people are taking in response to climate change because it is a huge source of hope! You can also learn what YOU can do. (see “SOLUTIONS” in site-menu)