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Co-create cultural projects that help mitigate climate anxiety and empower individual and community resilience. To do this, I’m upcycling my previous art, craft, maker skills, and art-sci experience into educational and participatory community projects about climate change.

Climate Change ThinkingCap (c)2019 Cynthia Pannucci

Reading online news articles about the devastating impacts of climate change, made me want to know HOW and WHY it is happening. My work centers feelings along-side science info and data, and Wearable Art is a highly relatable and accessible vehicle for this messaging.

Fishes Feed Us (c)2007 directed and co-produced by Cynthia Pannucci; performance took place on the United Nations Plaza, NYC for World Environment Day.

Today’s youth have the most to lose and can be effective “influencers” in motivating others (friends, parents and grandparents) to make sustainable, zero-carbon decisions today. They gain knowledge and confidence from expressive group projects.

Tortugas Verdes (2012); a group coloring project in the Galápagos, made green marine turtles relatable and builds stewards for preventing ocean plastics.

We need an “all-in” cultural attitude and actions. Museum education programs provide trusted and explorative ways for sharing climate change and ecological concepts and information in non-intimidating and intriguing ways.

Water-Strider (c)1994-96 by Cynthia Pannucci

My robust enthusiasm for renewable energy birthed the 8-foot sculpture with a solar-powered fiber-optic light system. It’s an example of how “student-centered, project-based learning” can motivate research, focus, experimentation, and perseverance among other resilience skills.

Artificial Reality: Life Raft for Polar Bears (c)2008 by Cynthia Pannucci is a small mixed-media sculpture

Kids love animals and their empathy, from learning about species extinction, could seed dreams of fantasy solutions to save them. Imagination is not frivolous! It’s critical for helping us envision and create a future where all species support planetary health (even us).

Climate Change EmergencyCap (c)2019 Cynthia Pannucci

My FREE, “How-To” Workshop Video can be a fun, first-step climate action to reduce climate-anxiety. It could also be used for teacher-training for learning about climate change, or at corporations and NGO retreats to help build group cohesion and resilience!

I learn about important discoveries, inventions, and actions people are taking today in response to climate change because it is a huge source of hope! You can also learn what YOU can do. (see “SOLUTIONS” in site-menu)