I am passionate about capturing the public imagination with novel, art-sci projects [including educational] as tools for sparking a curiosity for learning about, engaging with, and taking action on climate change.

My work addresses the social/cultural challenges of climate change. Some of these include: climate anxiety and despair, school and public disinformation, and our society’s lack of fundamental ecological and climate change education, among others.

Art-sci participatory projects can help build emotional and mental resilience by unleashing peoples’ capacity for action and change. I hope my work will inspire others, so a few of my engagement strategies are below and on my DESIGNS page.

Fishes Feed Us (2007) youth performance sponsored by the United Nations for its World Environment Day activities on the U.N. Plaza, NYC.

My current designs are guided by my vast experience as a seminal leader of the global art-sci field (see ABOUT in site-menu), as well as from:

  • creating art in several media & styles
  • doing private & museum commissions & public art
  • designing family workshops & public youth projects
  • being an adjunct instructor & visiting artist
  • observing interactivity at science & children’s museums
  • organizing Anthropocene art exhibitions
Climate Change ThinkingCap (2019)

My Climate Change ThinkingCap (above) tells a visual story about four major impacts of climate change. I learned a lot from its research/think/make process, AND it was fun!

If our species is to survive (and thrive) on our beautiful blue planet, we must act with urgency to foster an “all-in” cultural attitude and behavior to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Artists can help by creating intriguing visual art projects that attract the public while surprising them with climate change concepts and non-intimidating conversation.

ChangingRoom for Climate (2020) concept design for an interactive museum installation.
Water-Strider (1996) testing in Key Biscayne Harbor, Florida; envisioned as part of a group project on renewable energy.

Water-Strider (above) shows how personal vision motivates learning. It took two-years, but I learned about the technologies of solar-cells, side-emitting fiber-optic tubing, and strobe lighting; plus new materials and skills like UV-resistant materials, flotation devices, and bending Plexiglas.

Maker values and skills also support becoming a more open, flexible, and confident person by cultivating the mental skills of: adaptability, ingenuity, experimentation, collaboration, equity, and compassion.

Climate Change EmergencyCap: Hard Decisions (2021)

Transform a baseball cap (above) into a Climate Change EmergencyCap. See my four-part, “How-To” video created so students, parents, teachers, families, or any concerned citizen can make their own Caps… and then initiate ways to use them in their community.

A fun project for students to learn important terms like: adaptation, mitigation, conservation, biodiversity and habitat loss from researching and making small sculptures expressing their desires to protect animals.

Artificial Reality: Life Raft for Polar Bears (2008); a small, mixed-media sculpture by Cynthia Pannucci.

Discover the changes people are making today in response to climate change. This knowledge, plus the massive climate activism of our global youth, help me feel hopeful. LEARN WHAT YOU CAN DO! click here