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I’ve devised a simple formula so YOU can easily transform a baseball cap into a Climate Change EmergencyCap. Details here!

ecoartspace has published EARTHKEEPERS HANDBOOK: Heal the Man, Heal the Land (2023)

My maker workshop Climate Change EmergencyCap “recipe” is on p.59 [use bottom horizontal scroll-bar to locate the page] of the online publication, EARTHKEEPERS HANDBOOK: Heal the Man, Heal the Land. It’s a compilation of over 100 recipes and remedies, including manifestos and how-to directions, presented by more than 100 ecoartspace members, to make the world a better place. [or]

SOIL big-hat in my Agri-Culture/FOOD Series; regenerative farming and its carbon sequestering properties hold great potential for effectively helping to reduce CO2 emissions and global warming. Former Vice-President and climate activist, Al Gore, explains it so clearly in the online article below.
Fowler-Kellogg Art Center, Chautauqua Institution

I was an Artist-in-Residence in the Chautauqua Visual Arts Program, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY for 7-weeks, summer of 2022. The architecture in this utopian-styled village is out of a fairy tale! While there, I began working on a series of five Climate Change ThinkingHats (big ones!) about Agri-Culture/FOOD. My first hat is “SOIL” (above) and it’s almost finished. Ultimately, the hats, worn by community members, will become part of informal Pop-Up events — an effort to pique public curiosity and foster conversations.

Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken (left) at Sawyer Free Library with Cynthia in front of a prototype of her interactive piece, Portrait of Climate Change: Flooding, (2021)
On the grounds of Manship Artists Residency & Studios in Gloucester, MA

I was fortunate my first artist residency was at Manship Artists Residency + Studios in Gloucester, MA on Cape Ann. (It was still Covid-time and there were only three of us, so safer!) In addition to it being a rejuvenating respite from the summer heat of New York City, it provided me with two important opportunities: to publicly test a prototype of my new interactive piece Portrait of Climate Change: Floods at the Sawyer Free Library; and to work with the talented local videographer, Lisa Smith, on my “How To Make A Climate Change EmergencyCap” video. [see top of this page]

In May of 2021, I completed former US Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training course led by him and a team of noted thought leaders, activists, and scientists. Anyone can attend, it’s free, and takes place on Zoom.

Click here to download my Climate Reality Leadership Training Certificate of Completion.

HOW THE TRAINING WORKS: The attendees [2,500+ at my 2021 Spring Session] are divided into small groups with an assigned Mentor from your geographic region. These groups meet on Zoom to share reactions to the major Training Presentations, ask questions, and share between each other. Then they meet monthly (optional) post-Training for mutual support. Below pic of me wearing one of my Climate Change EmergencyCaps I shared at the end of one of our Small Group Meetings.