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Here is a simple formula to easily transform a baseball cap into an intriguing conversation-starter, a Climate Change EmergencyCap. Worn backwards and painted Orange-Red, its shape and color symbolize a firefighter’s helmet for acknowledging our current emergency to put out the fire of global warming. Feel empowered by taking this fun “climate action”!

simple “maker” process by Cynthia Pannucci

What a great project! It certainly would help kids, and actually people of all ages, to learn some new things about climate change and bring it up in a conversation among classmates, families, and other places where kids would like to show off their climate change caps. ~ Susan Rosano, Master Teaching Artist & National Arts Strategies’ Creative Communities Fellow

The hat’s Research/Design/Make process asks participants to:
  • identify the climate change issue that matters most to them,
  • research their climate change issue and collect compelling images, science data and text,
  • analyze and select the collected materials that can best express their climate message,
  • make or collect miniature 3D elements (of course, optional),
  • create a slogan expressing their feelings for the hat’s “shield” area,
  • design and make their climate message as a wearable art conversation-starter.
  • SUGGESTION BEFORE BEGINNING: Watch Former Vice-President Al Gore’s excellent 5-minute multimedia presentation on climate change; and then show Climate Hats for inspiration via “Segment#4” below.

***PLEASE SHARE PHOTOS of YOUR Climate Change EmergencyCap! Send one-image each of the front/back/sides +your name & date to: We’ll be sharing a selection via a future public climate hats gallery page/or blog postings. THANKS!