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ChangingRoom for Climate

Concept Designs (several iterations below)

This public engagement strategy is for an indoor, interactive, installation-as-social-experiment. Wall-signage will invite visitors to put on a “Climate Lab Coat” and a headset. Here they can listen to short, poignant recordings of first-hand accounts from people who lived through extreme climate events happening today. And, it could also become an oral history project.

The wall signage will invite people to take a selfie in front of a large-scale, digitally-printed backdrop cloth of a climate disaster, and then share their image along with their feelings about climate change, to the project’s Twitter account.

A prominently displayed QR-Code will lead to the “Solutions” section of this website so people can read about what others are doing now which can provide the hope that we need.

Art-sci engagement experiences can attract attention and peak the imagination. They also might be a pathway for shifting public consciousness enough to spark our innate urge to become part of a “solutions-picture,” rather than part of the problem.