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Biophilia Art

Biophilia is a term coined by the famous biologist/naturalist, E.O. Wilson. He introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his book, Biophilia (1984) where he defined biophilia as “the human urge to affiliate with other forms of life.”

Artificial Reality: Life Raft for Polar Bears (2008)
is a small, mixed-media sculpture showing the playful nature of these creatures and envisioning how to mitigate their habitat loss in the face of global warming. After all, they’re sentient beings too!

Loss (2009) Charcoal drawing on paper, (3′ x 4′). I felt compelled to create this image after viewing the gruesome docu-film, “The Cove,” about a Japanese fishing village’s annual custom of brutally killing entire dolphin pods.

Tortugas Verde (2012) An interactive, group-coloring project about marine turtles with kindergarten children in the Galápagos to create a connection and concern for their surrounding marine world facing increasing tourist pollution.