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Early Influences

Around New York

Around New York was a series of six, 38″h x 28″w, stencil-cut, black lacquer-spray drawings on archival paper. Each scene depicted the street life you might see when exiting NYC subway and ferry stations. (top-left-to-right): Bryant Park, Yankee Stadium, the Customs House/ Bowling Green, City Hall, Old Fire Station in Brooklyn, and running to the Staten Island Ferry.

Site installation-view of Around New York (1991);
commissioned by NYC’s MTA Arts For Transit’s Exhibition Center Program; installed in the Court Street/Brooklyn and 42nd Street/6th Avenue subway stations as a 1-year public “Artist Showcase.”

Hands & Feet Quilt

A patchwork quilt of silkscreened images on pima cotton, 1976, 74″ x 1″ x 95″; it was included in the seminal exhibition, “The New American Quilt,” held at the American Crafts Museum in NYC (and was the cover-image of the exhibition’s printed invitation).

Bird Quilt

A patchwork quilt of silk-screened images on Pima cotton, 1975, 58″ x 1″ x 95″; it was part of a series of quilts composed of repeats of nature symbols (sky/birds/cattails) created while living in Vermont.