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Interactive Art

I learned a lot from watching children at NYC hands-on museums and enjoyed designing and leading “maker” workshops with teens and families. That work informed the challenging “Lightforms’98” exhibition for ASCI, and my personal commission projects below.


It was an international competition and exhibition of three, large-scale, kinetic lightworks that were interactive with 30,000 museum visitors; commissioned by the New York Hall of Science for its Great Hall.

Bug Eye

This was an interactive sculpture for children to “dress-up” and change via magnetized vinyl patterned and textural surfaces, small snap-on spinners and 3D shapes, plus a large transparent bug eye (a home skylight dome) with changeable colored lenses; commissioned for the Staten Island Children’s Museum.

The Grid

It was an interactive, wall-mounted “composing-grid” mechanism in the format of my early patchwork quilts. It was designed to give the public “agency” to create their own compositions of my silk-screened Lexan tiles; commissioned for the Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, CT.

The Ferry Project

Was an interactive room installation simulating riding the Staten Island Ferry. It had interactive components (many created in public workshops); commissioned for the Staten Island Children’s Museum.