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Staten Island Ferry Terminal Project (1988)

a kinetic lightwork with visual effects provided by piped sunlight

In 1983, New York City began the Percent For Art Program where 1% of the capital budget of city, state, and federal buildings had to commission artists to make new site-specific artworks. I lived on Staten Island and its local Ferry Terminal’s waiting room had a depressing, holding-tank atmosphere. So I decided to dream about what I would create, unencumbered by finances, to bring the magnificent beauty of the New York Harbor’s waterworld inside. By serendipity, the answers to my technical technological needs were met viewing an open Popular Science magazine the person sitting next to me on the outside deck was reading! They involved mounting a Himawari sun-tracking device on the roof and piping the sunlight with fiber-optic tubing. (Technology has changed so much since then, it would be very different today.)