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T-Shirt Workshop

Climate Change T-Shirt Workshop As A Social Experiment

Teens love making fashion statements, and wearing climate t-shirts of their own design could become an everyday climate action and sign of solidarity, rather than joining once-a-year climate marches. The research/design/make process can help youth connect-the-dots between climate change facts and their feelings, while helping to create Aha! moments that can foster personal and collective behavioral change.


• identify the climate change issue that matters most to them,

• research their climate change issue and collect compelling images, science data and text (including their feelings) to best expresses their climate message,

• design and make their climate change t-shirt as a fun way to start conversations and motivate next-step climate actions, while helping to mitigate personal climate-anxiety,

• amplify their t-shirt messages via personal social media, and their T-shirt designs will be posted on my website.

• use Hot-Press t-shirt machines for individual designs; it’s not about silk-screening.

ANALYSIS:  Internet engagement with their t-shirt designs on my site will be tracked via hypertext “click-throughs” or QR-Code links to access which climate issues (via hat-themes) matter most to their generation and any next-step climate actions taken.

Cynthia Pannucci,,