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Fishes Feed Us

Cynthia designed and co-produced this international, multi-component, art-sci youth project. Its mission was to put a human face on the consequences of our collapsing ocean fisheries and to empower youth to transfer ocean conservation knowledge to parents. Performance on the United Nations Plaza for World Environment Day.


(1999-2000) This was a collaborative project for an international competition calling for the installation of two, temporary, solar-powered artworks for Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ; sponsored by GPU Energy.


Cynthia designed/organized/co-produced international, Open-Call, Anthropocene themed, juried exhibitions for ASCI, held at the New York Hall of Science — hoping to create a deeper human connection to and understanding of our reliance on nature for our own sustainability. 

September 16, 2017 – February 25, 2018
New York Hall of Science
Online Exhibition:

This online exhibition was created so people beyond the museum can experience this type of contemporary art-sci work. Its purpose was to help the public form new perceptions of our deep connection to OCEAN — the fundamental life-force that drives our climate and provides 50% of the oxygen we breathe and all the fresh water we require to sustain us on our beautiful blue planet.

Art-JUROR: Diana Moore is Curator, Marie L. Matthews Gallery at the Johnson Education Center of the D&R Greenway Land Trust, Princeton, New Jersey

SCIENCE JUROR: John Stegeman is Senior Scientist and Director of the Center of Ocean and Human Health at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusettes.

Bob Barancik, Danielle Baudrand, Marta Beltramo, Mary Ann Biehl, Carrie Bodle, Karen Cohen, Hunter Cole, Anna Davidson, Lyubava Fartushenko, Colleen Flanigan, Pnina Gagnon, Anita Getzler, Helen Glazer, Sandra Gottlieb, Marguerita Hagan, Susan Hoenig, Margaret Juul, Klebesadel & Neumann, Ken Knowlton, Ray Koh, Amanda Levine, Lenny Marignier, Ryuta Nakajima, Vanessa Nilsson, Robert Patrick, Weiheng Qian, Véronique Robigou, Jenny Rock, Rubin & Menden-Deuer, Rebecca Rutstein, Wo Schiffman, Margrit Schwarz, Dennis Summers, Sarah Cameron Sunde, Edwin Salgado Villarreal, and Joan Wheeler.

September 17, 2016 – February 26, 2017
New York Hall of Science
Online Exhibition:

The “Open Call” for this exhibition asked artists to reflect on the topic of FOOD from all angles: from the historical record to the elite haute cuisine of today’s “molecular gastronomy”; as a physical material for making or inspiring art, or as a vehicle for stimulating important community discussion. And… since FOOD is on the frontlines of our future sustainability, this exhibition reveals an intriguing variety of visual perspectives representing the face of this new complexity.

ART JUROR: Clive Adams is a British art curator and Founder/Director, Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) at Schumacher College, Devon, UK.

SCIENCE JUROR: Martha Crouch is a former plant developmental biologist at Indiana University, and a consulting science expert for nonprofit public interest groups with a focus on the relationships between biotechnology, agriculture, and the environment.

Stefani Allegretti (United States), Andrea Baatz (United States), Pat Badani (United States), Myka Baum (England), Bereza & Fearnside (United States), Debra Bianculli (United States), Mary Ann Biehl (United States), Don Cooper (United States), Galina Dargery (United States), Carol Devine (Canada), Shoshanah Dubiner (United States), Lyubava Fartushenko (Canada), Gints Gabrans (Latvia), Hadley & Reynolds (United States), Mary Johnson (China), Ken Knowlton (United States), Juni Kusumanto (The Netherlands), Chantal Lefebvre (Canada), Maria Michails (Canada), Debra Olin (United States), Mariona Otero (England), Michele Parliament (United States), Pamela Parker (United States), Perea & Storm (United States), Ari Richter (United States), Kazuma Sambe (United States), Danling Xiao (Australia), and Timur York (United States)

This exhibition features art that fuels reflection, critical thinking, and hopefully action on today’s biodiversity/extinction crisis. Please see the extensive Press Release PDF document for information and images of the artworks created by each artist. [Unfortunately the online exhibition is lost, but the Press Release has text +one image/per artist, as well as the Intro and Co-Juror Statements.]

ART JUROR: Elizabeth Corr; Manager of Art Partnerships, Natural Resources Defense Council

SCIENCE JUROR: Paula J. Ehrlich; President & CEO, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

Hetty Baiz (USA), Elizabeth Bajbor (Poland), Bengtson+Wetherwax (USA), Bec Bigg-Wither (Australia), Don Cooper (USA), Donna Davis (Australia), Gina Duque (Canada), Michael Felber (USA), Jon Goldman (USA), Angela Gonzalez (USA) Jaden J.A. Hastings (USA), Joseph Ingoldsby (USA), Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger (Australia), Jennifer Kim Sohn (USA), Beth Krensky (USA), JM Landin (USA), Lee Lee (USA), Dash Masland (USA), Nadir+Peppermint (USA), Yoko Shimizu (Japan), Lauren Strohacker (USA), Ashley Williams (USA), and Jon Wyatt (UK).

Online Exhibition click here.

In terms of scale, humans are too small to viscerally comprehend our planet’s magnitude and the dynamics of its interconnected physical systems. We therefore break the concepts down into smaller parts, collect data and physical specimens of all kinds, and invent instruments to measure and track physical phenomena like earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. However, we still cannot grasp the “big picture” of planet Earth unless we read, look at photos, and finally… use our imagination to envision/conceptualize it!

ART JUROR: Maddy Rosenberg, Executive Director/Curator of CENTRAL BOOKING gallery [now a virtual space].

SCIENCE JUROR: Patrick Hamilton is the Director of Environmental Science and Earth-system Science at the Science Museum of Minnesota, a Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment.

Linda Alterwitz (USA), Carol Ballenger (UK), Fred Casselman (USA)/ Mike Shane (Netherlands), Elaine Duigenan (UK), Ursula Freer (USA), Peter Gudynas (UK), Torben Hoeke (Germany), Jeri Holt (USA), David Hylton (USA), Mark Koven (USA), Janet Manalo (USA), Angela Manno (USA), Yoichi Nagata (Japan), Mary Neubauer (USA), Ruth Robson (UK), Jeremy Rotsztain (USA), Sam Smith (USA), George Steuer (USA), Jiaya+Shih-Wen Young (USA)

Online Exhibition click here.

What are the artists, designers, architects, scientists, and technologists of the twenty-first century thinking about our current environmental challenges? Can their artworks imagine new, positive approaches to sustaining life on Earth? Can it inspire us to confront the consequences of our current ways of living? Through the almost limitless possibilities of digital image technologies, we invited competition entrants to share their visions of how a sustainable future might look.

ART JUROR: Cynthia Pannucci; artist, curator, Founder/Director of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)

SCIENCE JUROR: Michael John Gorman; author, curator, and Director of The Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin

Lindsay Bloxam [London, UK], Christine Chin [Geneva, NY], Roger Ferragallo [El Sobrante, CA], Nathaniel Freeman [Minneapolis, MN], Jessica Gross [Albuquerque, NM], Stephen Harrison [Santa Barbara, CA], Nicole Hatanaka [Providence, RI], Joseph Ingoldsby [Marshfield, MA], Katherine Kollins [Philadelphia, PA], Robin Michals [Brooklyn, NY], Steve Miller [New York, NY], Edward Ramsay-Morin [Hammond, LA], Hugh O’Donnell [Washington, CT], Ruth Parish [Nelson, British Columbia/Canada], Rachel Simmons [Orlando, FL], Lily Smernou [Atlanta, GA], and Mark Stock [Newton Center, MA].