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Wearable Art

Early influences from a mother who enjoyed sewing (even my father’s suits) and took me shopping to feel and select fabrics, and my college training in printmaking and photography, translated NYC structures into wearable city-scapes. Iconic at that time were my four faves (left-to-right): Chrysler Bldg, Citicorp Bldg, Empire State Bldg, and the Twin Towers.

Iconic NYC Buildings & Street Scenes

were a drastically different source of inspiration than the gentle Vermont landscapes I left behind in 1981. 

NYC Subway Walls

is a series of draped dye-paintings and hand-painted dresses inspired by their man-made grids and mother nature’s corroding watermarks. 

NYC Manhole Cover Dresses

A series inspired by looking-down for street-surface potholes when riding my bicycle from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal to my 7th Avenue art studio each day.